Eric Taylor
As quiet as a street lamp
This is some kinda town
Whiskey go easy
When the sun goes down
My best to the midnight . . .
God, look at the moon
There's enough for two shadows
There's only one in the room
there's only one in the room

There's a storm out on the water
Oh, bless the ships at sea
There's a storm down in my lover's heart
Oh, God bless me
I wanna be blown by the wind of his
Shown by lightening flashing
Oh, I've never been afraid of the thunder
I wonder
Will he rain on me?

Is loneliness contagious?
Another damn song about a waitress
It's the only hotel here
. . . and the engine's gotta cool
I'm a bad hand at solitaire
You lie to yourself and no one cares
While the wall paper fades . . .
The sun takes the moon
There should be two to a room

(repeat chorus)

There's a storm out on the water . . . will he rain on me?

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