Friend Out In The Madness
Nanci Griffith
I am not a child, though you'll treat me as you've always seen me
You never saw the changes in a heart grown old and wise
Hey, it's good to see you smile, it's been so long between the pages
... wheels out on the highway seem to laugh between my lines

Do you still want to know?
Where does the love go when it dies?
Hey, I want you to know ... love never dies ...
it is sheltered here very safe inside and it's left you
with a friend out in the madness

And you say you love me still ...
How your soul does change and your heart still ponders ...
how I could grow fonder ... of a life out on my own
I still sing the harmony
I'll have another wine and toast this madness
I'll howl at your moon ... on my way home alone

(repeat chorus twice)

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