Tumble And Fall
Nanci Griffith
You're a late night conversation
A telephone call and an inspiration
For a heart to recall . . . how to tumble and fall
My friends all say I'm lazy
I'm clumsy at love and I'm middle aged-crazy
I stumble along . . . with a tumble and fall

Maybe I'll come back to my senses
And come back to you where the fences are mended
Maybe love is a quite whisper after all
Maybe love is a heart that gives you harmony
When you can't recall the melody to the song
You're just singin' along
Oh, I'll sing along . . . to your tumble and fall

I remember San Francisco
The chill of the moon through an open window
And the beat of your heart . . . to a tumble and fall
You say, I'm a little somethin' you've always needed
You're tried and true and I should believe in
The strength of your arms . . . when I tumble and fall

(repeat chorus)

Yes, I'll sing along . . . with the tumble and fall
Oh, I'll sing along . . . to the tumble and fall.

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