Outbound Plane
Nanci Griffith/Tom Russell
I don't wanna be standing here
With this ticket for this outbound plane
Oh, I've been here before
Somehow this doesn't feel the same
Talk is cheap
So we could talk all night long
And we may never figure out just
where your love went wrong

'Cuz I don't wanna be standin' here
Don't wanna be talkin' here
And I don't really care who's to blame
'Cuz if love won't fly on it's own
free will
It's gonna catch that outbound plane

The old folks say
That love's not forever anymore
Because these young people walk
away from love alone
To pace the floor
Young or old I say that love is still the same
You may walk away from love but
you'll fall head and heels again

(repeat chorus)

Two lonely hearts in this airport
Neither cares where that other
heart is going
But, if love won't fly on it's own
free will... it's gonna catch that
outbound plane

That frown you're wearing's
Just you're halo turned upside down
Where is the laughter we once
shared back in the lost and found?
These broken wings are gonna leave
me here to stand my ground
You can have this ticket for that
lonely plane that's flying out

(repeat chorus)

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