Lord Is It Mine
Rick Davies/Roger Hodgson
I know that there's a reason why I need to be alone
You show me there's silent place that I can call my own
Is it mine, Oh Lord is it mine?

You know I get so wary from the battles in this life
And there's many times it seems that you?re the only hope in sight
Is it mine, Oh Lord is it mine?

When everything's dark and nothing seems right,
There's nothing to win and there's no need to fight

I never cease to wonder at the cruelty of this land
But it seems a time of sadness is a time to understand
Is it mine, Oh Lord is it mine?


If only I could find a way
To feel your sweetness through the day
The love that shines around me could be mine.
So give us an answer, won't you,
We know what we have to do,
There must be a thousand voices trying to get through.

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