P. Jacobs/S. Durkee
You like ridin' around with your big brother, in your uncle's custom van
You wanna bleach your hair so bad, but your mama don't understand
Hangin' around by the monument, dancin' to the radio
You got a memory even shorter than your dress
But there's nothin' that you don't know

Priscilla, Priscilla, nearly sixteen but they treat you like a kid
Priscilla, Priscilla, they're gonna kill ya for what you did

Cuttin' class with a backstage pass, and always skippin' lunch
Ya put your hand on the knees of the boys, and daddy's vodka in the punch
Learned how to jump start your grandma's car, how to French inhale your Kools
And now you know that breakin' hearts is easy as breakin' the rules


You don't remember no revolution, you don't belong to no baby boom
Just you and your headphones, dreamin' in your pink bedroom


Strong girls break the records, and rich girls break their nails
Smart girls always know by heart, what some girls always fail
Bad little girls grow up to be good, and good girls finish last
But crazy girls don't care how they grow up, as long as they grow up fast

(chorus repeats out...)

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