Only Time Will Tell
Billy Ray Cyrus/Greg Fletcher
There was a time for you
There was a time for me
There was a time when we were one
A time to see through cloudy days
A time when we could find our way
Through thick and thin we still had fun

But as always things have to change
Nothin' ever remains the same
I made mistakes you made some too
I guess there's things we just can't undo
Does this mean we're through

Now it's time to make it clear
Do you still want me here
Or would you rather me move on down the line
Please help me try to understand
Tell me if it's God's plan
Heaven or Hell, only time will tell

Tell me should I stop believin'
Pack my bags and just start leavin'
Or maybe one kiss might save farewell

Only time will tell (Repeat and fade)

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