Whenever Kindness Fails
Robert Earl Keen, Jr.
I crossed the desert on a dining car
In the spring of ninety-one
I met some people drinking at the bar
They were laughing having fun
I told 'em that I hadn't heard the joke
That was so hilarious
They said that I was just a dumb cowpoke
I didn't want to make a fuss

So I shot 'em down
One by one
Then I left 'em 'long the rails
I use my gun
Whenever kindness fails

The moon was in the sign of Scorpio
The sun was at my back
I didn't know how far the train would go
Until the law would find my track
I saw the brakeman and the engineer
Drinking wine and eating brie
I asked 'em who would brake and who would steer
They started pointing back at me


I only have a moment to explain
Just a chance to let you know
When it's time for you to board the train
There are two ways you can go
You can ride the wheels into the sun
Feel the wind upon your face
Or you can laugh into a loaded gun
And you'll likely loose your place


When I use my gun
That lonesome whistle wails

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