High Cotton
Roger Murrah/Scott Anders
We didn't know that times were lean
Around our house the grass was green
It didn't seem like things were all that bad
I bet we walked a thousand miles
Chopping cotton and pushing plows
Learning how to give it all we had

As life Went on and years went by
We saw the light in Daddy's eyes
And felt the love in Mama's hand
They kept us warm and kept us fed
And taught us how to look ahead
Now looking back I understand


We were walking in High Cotton
Old times there are not forgotten
Those fertile Fields are never far away
We were walking in high cotton
Old times there are never forgotten
Leaving home was the hardest thing we ever faced

When Sunday mornings rolld around
We dressed up in hand-me-downs
Just in time to gather with the church
Sometimes I think how long it's been
And how much it impressed me then
It was the only day that Daddy wouldn't work

(Repeat Chorus)

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