There's No Way
Lisa Palas/Will Robinson/John Jarrard
As I lay by your side and hold you tight
I want you to understand
This love that I feel it's so rigt and so real
And I realize how lucky I am
And should you ever wonder if my love is true
There's something I wan too make clear to you

There's no way I can make it with out you
There's no way That I'd Even Try
if I had to survive without you in my life
I know I wouldn't last a day
Oh babe, There's no way

Baby I'll always love you, and I hope you love me too

It means so much to mewhenever I see
That "Wanting me look" in your eyes
I don't know how I Could do Without
Holdin' you close every night


I've waited so long
Just to have you to hold
And now that I've got you
I'll never let go


Baby there's just no way

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