Pretty Words
Vince Gill/Don Schiltz
I've seen the way he cast his spell
He's gonna hurt you I can tell
Just to prove that he can be your lover
He's gonna turn on that charm
Tonight he'll wrap you in his arms
Tomorrow he will leave you for another

Pretty is as pretty does
That's how it is and always was
Pretty words are all he's givin' you
And when he whispers in the dark
Watch out he's gonna break your heart
'Cause pretty words won't make your dreams come true
They're just pretty words

In the morning you will find
That you were just the next in line
There's nothing I can do that's gonna stop you
Before you go just let me say
I'd never treat your love that way
I'll be here long after he's forgot you

(Repeat chorus twice)

Just pretty words
Just pretty words
Just pretty words

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