Trick Rider
Bill Carter/Ruth Ellen Ellsworth/Terry McBride
I learned back when I was six
Teachin' my stick horse to do tricks
Puttin' on a backyard rodeo
If I'd make him buck, hoop and holler
Grandma'd laugh and give me a dollar
It a lesson that I learned, all on my own

Gotta be a trick rider, can't be a part-timer
If he's gonna make a dollar, one thing I know
You can be a fancy roper, have a wild desire
Oh the trick rider always steals the show

I figured out just how to please 'em
Make the hard ones look so easy
Out there is the spot light all alone
I always tried to do my best
I praticed hard and faked the rest
They always got their money's worth
Everywhere I'd go


I've been thrown off many times since then
I always got back on again
I found that if I tipped my hat for style
Folks out there would never know
They'd think it was part of the show
I could ride off in the sunset
Leave 'em with a smile


Yeah, a Trick rider always steals the show

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