A Heart Like Mine
Clint Black/Hayden Nicholas
On a barstool like a damn fool
Hoping she won't think I'm to much older
Just another come on line
To a girl like you in a place like this
And on the dance floor wanting so much more
I crossed that line and got that cold shoulder
You probably think I'm full of it
But I don't think you'll ever find such emptiness

This heart of mine is just looking for
A heart like mine who's just looking for what it can find
Still looking for a heart like mine
I'm not the only one who's lonely
I find that feeling beating all around me

But with just a night or two
I'd know if you're the one
But now that shoulders getting colder
And soon you'll turn and leave me like you found me
Still way out of line, one thing on my mind
And all alone


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