We Tell Ourselves
Clint Black/Hayden Nicholas
I ought to know the look in anothers eyes
When the shot-in is on thier minds
I think I saw that look in a lovers eyes
They were lookin me in mine
Like both that found the woman who wanted (???)
That found the one we wanted, just quit trying

So we tell ourselves, that what we found
Is what we meant to find
Thats what we tell ourselves, you won't believe the things
The heart would tell the mind
Somehow we sell ourselves on love
I just don't think I'll, leave my heart this time

I ought to know the language well
I've heard me tell myself these things before
I've finally made my mind up
My heart tells me to look for something more
To turn the knot, to wind up one
Was she the one, you can never be too sure

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