I Never Knew Love
Larry Boone/Will Robinson
I never knew the power of a song
Till I heard the music playin' the day mama passed on
Never knew what innocence was about
Till the first time I laid eyes on the face of a new born child

I never knew love, no I mean real love
I never knew that kind of love
Till this moment with you

I never understood the meaning of home
Till I pulled into that ol' dirt drive
After being gone too long
I didn't know what serenity really was
Till I stopped one day to listen to that river gently run


I've known the hunger before tonight for other love
I felt the yearning, I felt the fire in their touch
But this goes deeper than anything I've ever known
Beyond my heart, clean down to my soul
I never knew what beauty could behold
Till you looked at me and I could see forever unfold
Oh you made me whole


Till I was loved by you

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