A Higher Place
Tom Petty
We gotta get to a higher place
And we gotta leave by night
Before that river takes us down
We gotta find some place that's dry
We gotta run like we've never run
Or we're gonna lose the light

[But] if we don't get to a higher place and find somebody
Can help somebody, might be nobody no more

Well, I fool myself and I don't know why
I thought we could ride this out
I was up all night making up my mind
But now I've got my doubts
I got my eye on the waterline
Trying to keep my sense of humor


We gotta get to a higher place
And I hope we all arrive togheter
We gotta get to a higher place
If we want to survive the weather

I remember walking with her in town
Her hair was in the wind
I gave her my best kiss
She gave it back again
When I add up what I've left behind
I don't want to lose no more


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