The Heart Is A Lonely Hunter
Mark D. Sanders/Kim Williams/Ed Hill
She came in lookin' good and lookin' around
She's checkin' out every man in the room right now
Don't go tellin' her about right or wrong
She's been alone way to long

The heart is a lonely hunter
With only one desire
To find some lastin' comfort
In the arms of a lover's fire Driven by a desperate hunger
To the dark of the neon light
Oh the heart is a lonely hunter
When there's no sign of a love in sight

She hears him say "Hey, can I buy you a drink?"
And sees the pale white circle where he wears his ring
She knows he's dealin' her a dangerous hand
The consequences of a one night stand

(Repeat chorus)

From somewhere deep inside she tells him no
Before she starts to cry she turns to go

(Repeat chorus)

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