Hollywood Perfume
Chrissie Hynde/Billy Steinberg/Tom Kelly
Went out on the balcony,
In the middle of the night.
Hotel was dark except for just one light,
Television burning in the other room,
I couldn't sleep so I put on
Some of your... Hollywood perfume.

I went out on the balcony,
And looked across the way,
Some guy was shadow boxing,
He looked like Sugar Ray.
Feeling dizzy, began to swoon,
Was it his punch, or was it
Just your... Hollywood perfume.

I feel like a fugitive,
Escaped from my life.
Seeking refuge in the sensual heat,
These paper-thin walls make me
Party to calls of love.

Wafting through the room,
The night jasmine bloom,
Of your Hollywood perfume.

I went out on the balcony,
To clear my head.
I was burning up in my queen-sized bed.
Down on the strip beneath the billboard moon,
Teenaged girls look for love,
In the neon sex and doom.
Of your... Hollywood perfume.

Went out on the balcony,
With your photograph,
I dropped it in the pool,
That made me laugh.
You like your tan, but you don't like to swim,
Meanwhile, I feel like I'm drowning in
Neon sex and doom.
The night jasmine bloom.
Of your... Hollywood perfume.

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