My Own Best Friend
John Prine
I'm beginning to like you
But, you know
That ain't right
'Cause you'll just
Twist and twist
And twist
Till I'm all crooked inside
Then you'll take all you gave me
Like it never was there
And I think that I might,
No!? I know
Yes, I will help you there
'Cause ...

I've done it before
And I'd do it again
'Cause it's the only time
That makes me feel like I'm
My own best friend

I'm a victim of friction
I just got too close to see
Yeah, we sparked in the dark
And God hung a lite on me
And the lamp gets real heavy
And it hangs from my heart
And it comes
And it goes
Till I can't tell
The difference apart
But ...

Repeat Chorus

So many people say
It'll never work out that way
You can't stand the heat
While you're watching your heart
Just melt away
In the basement
On a rainy day
La la la
La la la
La lala
Lalala la lalaaaaaaaaaa ...

There's motel in Shreveport
Don't ask me where, please
They check in
They check out
By the light
Of the color T.V.s
And the maid calls you honey
And she makes your bed slow
And she speaks
Of the sheets
That don't fit
But you know that she knows
That ...

Repeat Chorus

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