The Accident (Things Could Be Worse)
John Prine
Last night I saw an accident
on the corner of Third and Green
two cars collided
and I got excited
just being part of that scene
it was Mrs Tom Walker
and her beautiful daughter
was driving the car
they got hit by a man
in a lite blue sedan
who had obviously
been to a bar.

They don't know how lucky they are
they could have run into that tree
got struck by a bolt of lightning
and raped by a minority.

It was a four way dilemma
we all arrived the same time
I yielded to the man
to the right of me
and he yielded it
right back to mine
well, the yield went around
and around and around
till Pamela finally tried
just then the man
in the lite blue sedan
hit Pamela's passenger side.


Pamela hit her head on the mirror
Mrs Wlaker got a bump on the knee
the man hit himself
in the face and said
"Why does this happen to me?"
the neighbors came out
and they gathered about
saying "Hey! who hit who anyway?"
and the police arrived
at a quarter to five
and pronounced all the victims "Okay".


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