Gary Stewart/Wayne Carson
Atlanta, Georgia made her the Ctoon Queen.
L.A. bound she had visions of the silver screen.
But Hollywood ain't nothin' but glamor and lights to a blue-eyed blonde with stars in her eyes.
Her days are long. Lord, her nights are longer yet.
Tryin' to find a part that will make her the Queen of Sex.
She's realizin' what it's all about from too many nights upon the casting couch.

Hollywood: parties and thrills.
The mansion in her mind is somewhere is Beverly Hills.
She's been discovered too many times standing on the corner of Hollywood and Vince.

She makes her entrance now a days through the swingin' doors.
She found her stage on a hardwood barroom floor.
But it's not the bottom, just part of a long, hard fall.
Her biggest fan's the man. Tonight she'll give her all.
The dream is dyin' of her name on the marquee.
The folks back home wonder what happened ti their Queen.
The mornin' papers told it in black and white, calling it another Hollywood suicide.


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