Lori, Don't Go Right Now
Al Stewart/Peter White
Lori don't go right now
Now that you've come this far
Lori you don't know how
Close you really are
There's nothing you can't do
It's up to you to let it go
Put the past behind
Out of sight and out of mind

Lori you're never going to see
Beyond the untried door
You know it doesn't have to be
The way it was before
You're not the only one who found too soon
The more you care
The more you stand to lose
I've been inside your shoes
So Lori don't go right now

I know you just don't take anything on trust
Why don't you open up and show the way you feel?
What's there to hide?
What is it that's inside of you?
That you seem unwilling to reveal?

So let's just take it slow
It's not as though
I'm asking for your secrets or your soul
You need a hand to hold
So Lori don't go right now

Lori don't go right now
Lori don't go right now

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