Hippie Dream
Neil Young
Take my advice
Don't listen to me
It ain't paradise
But it used to be
There was a time
When the river was wide
And the water came runnin' down
To the rising tide

But the wooden ships
Were just a hippie dream
Just a hippie dream

Don't bat an eye
Don't waste a word
Don't mention nothin'
That could go unheard
'Cause the tie-dye sails
Are the screamin' sheets
And the dusty trail
Leads to blood in the streets

And the wooden ships
Are a hippie dream
Capsized in excess
If you know what I mean

Just because it's over for you
Don't mean it's over for me
It's a victory for the heart every time the music starts
So please don't kill the machine

Don't kill the machine


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