Albert Einstein Dreams
Naked To The World
Albert Einstein rolled out of bed
Dragged a broken comb across his head
Time slowed down, time sped up
He stared into his coffee cup

The Mrs. said, "How can you be
Afraid of love, afraid of me
We share a home, we share our heart
But it feel like we're light years apart"

Strokes of genius flashed through his head
When he looked up this is what he said

"Just because I'm Albert Einstein
Doesn't mean I understand
The ever expanding universe
Between a woman and a man
If I knew or had half a clue
I'd be much more famous than I am"

Albert called a friend or two
They hit a bar, they downed a brew
They shared a grin, slapped their backs
Almost had three heart attacks

He said, "At the lab, I'm superman
I'm a Grecian God with a perfect tan
At home I'm weak, afraid to live
Funny how things are so relative"

Then he laughed with such velocity
And man, that's how his equation came to pass
Then he said again


Home is like I'm back at school
I'm a nervous guy and so uncool
Wishing I was the captain of some football team

"Nitcheze's wrong", old Albert said
"God is fine, it's me that's dead
And for some lovers memories
I would trade all my discoveries"

The he drank what was left and walked away
His friends said, "Albert, you forgot to pay
And just because you're Albert Einstein
Doesn't mean you drink on the house
And your ever expanding universe
Is just a mystery to us
If we knew or had half a clue
It wouldn't be worth the fuss"

Albert Einstein rolls back to bed
Kisses his wife, lays down his head
And dreams, Albert Einstein dreams
Albert Einstein dreams

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