Too many times I focus on myself
Look to the inside and all the times I fail
I don't look at you and your face
Though in your arms I know
I know my failings pale into insignificance
With all you've done in all my life
To save and change me

I wanna give my whole life to worship
Own my words and deeds completely
I wanna tell them my dad, the creator
King of the universe, call me a friend
Built up the mountains he captured my love.
Immense and so close I can't comprehend

When I come into the presence of god
I come to worship the maker of all things
The king of love, awesome saviour of the world
Do you believe it?

We'll go frantic, everybody in the place gets frantic
Jump up in the air, get hectic with your hands
Shout out, accept it, to the glory of god its frantic.
Everybody in the place, we go frantic
Jump up in the air get hectic with your hands
Shout out, accept it to the glory of god its frantic

Go frantic, get hectic
Heads beats, noddin' and your feets electric.

When I survey the wondrous cross to which my saviour jesus hangs there nailed
I never cease to be humbled by your love and all my words of praise seem frail
Still your hands of peace are all i need and your grace poured out lifts up my soul
As I wait on the lord, he renews my strength
As I call on the lord, he makes me whole.

I intend to sing of this amazing thing that has happened to me in these days
overwhelmed by the love of jesus
I want to worship
I want to shout out praise

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Thanks to Rachel Cartwright for submitting these lyrics.