Belive Me Baby (I Lied)
Kim Richey/Angelo/Larry Gottlieb
Belive me baby I lied

If there ever was a time
That I could use your trust in me
And if there ever was a reason
For me to get down on my knees
And if there's any way
That you could love me anyhow
If you ever had much faith in me
I could use a little now

When I said it would suit me fine
If you were out of sight and out of mind
That wasn't me talking
That was my wounded pride
When I said I didn't want your love
And you were no one I was thinking of
Believe me baby I lied

Well I got no good excuses
But I got plenty of regrets
And I wish this was some bad dream
I could wake up and forget
'Cause you're the only one
That I could never stand to lose
You're all I've ever wanted
And baby that's the truth


Believe me baby I lied

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Thanks to Roar Mauseth for submitting these lyrics.