Cruel Moon
Oh cruel moon you shine so bright,
and act like everythings alright.
You shine as if there's nothing wrong,
you shine on down like she's not gone.

Oh cruel moon don't make me see,
where our sweet love scene used to be.
For it was you who watched our kiss,
please don't light up the night like this

Oh curel moon don't shine on me,
you'll bring me to her memory.
Why can't you leave me in the dark,
you've never had a broken heart.

Oh cruel moon you say her name,
and act as if you're not to blame.
You know it hurts me to recall,
or don't you even care at all.


Oh cruel moon so high above,
you must have never lost your love.
If only you would be my friend,
and hide your face from me again.

Thanks to Shauna Jones for submitting these lyrics.