Elvaston Place
Al Stewart
Elvaston Place
A run-down basement in South Ken [1]
Hiding your face
Behind the railings in the rain
Stony steps to a small grey herd
Of dustbins blinking in the sunlight [2]
Our yesterday lives
Crouched by the fireside
In Elvaston Place

Holes in the lace-
curtains, splintery window frames
A small furnished space
We never knew the landlord's name
Electric bar to warm your winter toes [3]
Evening paper for the bath mat
Watching the face
Happy beside me
In Elvaston Place

The city's spreading like a stony tide across the countryside
I live alone now in London town
Cars and buses everywhere, they hide the sun and eat the air
You need a friend when it gets you down
All the money that I've ever owned
I'd give it all tomorrow
If I could lay happy beside you
In Elvaston Place

Elvaston Place
I stopped to look at you today
New whitewashed face [4]
Behind the railings in the rain
You once held a love of mine
She changed just like the weather
The Kensington skies go on for ever [5]
In Elvaston Place

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