One Day In Your Life
Anastacia/S. Watters/L. Biancaniello
I know that just the way it goes and you aint right
For sure
You turned your back on love for the last time
It won't take much longer now
Time makes me stronger, well
Theres nothin more to say

One day in your life
Say love'll remind you
How could leave it all behind
One day in your life
Its gonna find you
With the tears you let me cry
And baby im stronger than before
You gotta lay it on the line
Baby one day in your life

My love did you think id break down and cry
This thing we had it ment the world to me guess I was blind it won't take much longer now
See time makes me stronger yeah
And I know you'll be comin round some day

Repeat chours

You call me in the mid night hour with your velvet lies
So many sleepless nights I wonder is it time to say good bye


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Thanks to Amy Mussett for submitting these lyrics.