Limp Bizkit
Move in now move out
hands up now hands down backup backup tell me watcha gonna do now
Keep rollin rollin rollin rollin WHAT?
Keep rollin rollin rollin rollin COME ON
Keep rollin rollin rollin rollin yeh
Keep rollin rollin rollin rollin

Well i know you'll be lovin this s*** right here
cause INP Bizkit is right here
People in the house put your hands in the air cause if you dont care then we don't care
1 2 3 times dance for the sakes
and jolter for the fake's that the limp bizkit makes
so where the f*** you are punk
shut the f*** up and back the f*** up while we f*** this track up (chorus)

you wanna mess with limp bizkit
you can't mess with limp bizkit why?
Beacause we get it on every day and every night Oh!
And this platnium thing right here means where doing it all the time so you betta get some betta beats and er
get some better rhymes
we got the game set so don't complain yet
24 7 never beggin for a rain check
old school soldiers passin at the hi s***
the rock s***
and bounce in the mosh pit (chorus)

Hey lady's hey fella's and the people that do't give a f***
Hot moma's Pimp daddy's and the people growin up macady's hey rocker's hip hoppers an everybody callin out the world (chorus reapeated to end)

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Thanks to Billy Sims for submitting these lyrics.