Angie Aparo
If I had just one tear runnin' down your cheek
Maybe I could cope, maybe I'd get some sleep
If I had just one moment at your expense
Maybe all my misery would be well spent, yeah

(Could) (Can) you cry a little
(Lie) (Die) just a little
(Pretend that you're feelin') (And baby, I'd feel just) a little (more) (less) pain
(Now) I gave, now I'm wantin'
Somethin' in return
So cry just a little for me (yeah)

If your love could be caged, honey, I would hold the key
And conceal it underneath the pile of lies you handed me
And you'd hunt those lies, they'd be all you'd ever find
And that'd be all you'd have to know for me to be fine, yeah



Give it up, baby
I hear you're doin' fine
Nothin's gonna save me
'Til I see it in your eyes
Some kind 'a heartache, honey
Give it a try
I don't want pity
I just want what is mine, yeah


Cry just a little for me, whoa 'a whoa
Could you cry a little for me, yeah yeah

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