Life Is Good
Chris Farren/Deana Carter
If I wanted it easy, I'd a been gone by now
If I thought it was simple I'd have figured it out
This thing called love takes everything that I've got
I'm not sure what it is but I'm sure what it's not
'Cause baby you and I got different ways
Of saying the same thing, 'cause

Love is hard from start to finish
And if you love you gotta put your whole heart in it
And if it's right you'll know in a minute
Doin' things you never thought you could
Love is hard, but baby life is good

We can say things that cut to the bone
We want to be together but we want to be alone
Sometimes it seems we're on different tracks
We might walk away but we'll always come back
Baby you and me got different ways
Of saying the same thing, We both know

(Repeat Chorus)
Oh so good
(Repeat Chorus)

Love is hard
Life's so good
Oh, so good

Thanks to Anna for submitting these lyrics.