Rob Thomas
She don't, but she will
He says anything to keep her by him
She takes, what she gets, and she never did flinch

So over, and over, anyone with any mind
would think that's all she gets

If you want you can get to know me well
We get along so we shouldn't argue
And I don't know, said I don't know
All these feelings, cloud up my reasoning
Cloud up my reasoning

I know, but I still
Believe in ignorance as my best defense
So go on, wreck me
Funny how I carry on and not be taken over
Will not roll over on anyone
'Cuz anyone would stand up on my side

(Repeat Chorus)

You know it's funny how sometimes
It don't work out like you want to
No you never get nothing at all
Then she tells you that it's over,
Boy don't you hate it when it's over
I guess something just got lost,
and it deeply saddens me

So over, and over anyone, who's anyone

(Repeat Chorus)

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Thanks to Anna for submitting these lyrics.