A Million Love Songs
Gary Barlow
Put your head against my life, what do you hear
A million words just trying to make the love song of the year
Close your eyes, but don?t forget, what you have heard
A man who?s trying to say three words,
Words that make you scared.

A million love songs later,
And here I am trying to tell you that I can
A million love songs later, and here I am, here I am
A million love songs later, and here I am.

Look into the future now, this is what I see,
A million chances pass me by
A million chances to hold you
Take me back, take me back, to where I wanna be
Hide away from all my truths
Through the light I see.


Feel for you babe, feel for you baby

A million love songs later
And here I????. here I am.

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Thanks to Nick Davies for submitting these lyrics.