verse 1:
You took my hand
Touched my heart
held me close
Youc were always there
By my side
Night and day
Through it all
Baby come what may

swept away on a wave of emotion
Oh we`re caught in the eye of the storm
And, whenever you smile i can hardly believe that you`re mine
Beleive that you`re mine

This love is unbreakable
It`s unmistakable
And each time i look in your eyes
I know why
This love is untouchable
A feeling my heart just can`t deny
Eack time i look in your eyes, oh baby
I know why
This love is unbreakable

Verse 2:
Shared the laughter
Shared the tears
We both know
We`ll go on from here
'cause together
We are stong
In my arms
That`s where you belong

I`ve been touched by the hands of an angel
I`ve been blessedf by the power of love
And whenever you smile
I can hardly believe that you`re mine

Repeat chorus:

This love is unbreakable
Through fire and flame
When all this is over
Our love still remains

Repeat chorus:
...This love is unbreakable

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Thanks to Ginney kent for submitting these lyrics.