In the Stone
Maurice White/David Foster/Allee Willis
I found that love, provides
The Key-Unlocks, the heart and souls,
Of you and me-
Love will come, and take you home-
Love is written, in the stone
Every man, I meet is walking time-
Free to wander, past his conscious mind
Love will come and take you home
Love is written in the stone
Do you believe, my friend, in
what you claim, people of the world,
All doubt the same-bringing questions
Of their own-truth is written,
In the stone

In the stone, you'll find the meaning
Why you're not standing tall. In the stone
The light is shining, forever touching all-

Life experience a passing day
Time will witness-what the ole
Folks say-getting stronger everyday
Strength is written in the stone
Deep inside, our hearts for us
To keep-lies a spark of light that
Never sleeps. The greatest love,
you've ever known-
Yea is written-
in the stone

Never, never my darling, never you'll
Be alone-Forever, ever my darling
True love is written in the stone

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Thanks to Errol Ingram for submitting these lyrics.