Laura Branigan Song Lyrics

All Night With Me (Chris Montan)
Breaking Out (Diane Warren/The Doctor)
Close Enough (R. Buchanan/J. Lang)
Cry Wolf (Jude Johnstone)
Deep In The Dark (Falco/R. Ponger - English Lyrics B. Bowersock)
Don't Show Your Love (L. Holdridge/C. Connors)
Down Like A Rock (Randy Van Warmer)
Find Me (D. Shire/C. Connors)
Forever Young (M. Gold/F. Mertens/B. Lloyd)
Gloria (Umberto Tozzi/Giancarlo Bigazzi/Trevor Veitch)
Heart (Marie Cain/Warren Hartman)
How Am I Supposed To Live Without You (Michael Bolton/D. James)
How Can I Help You Say Goodbye (Burton Banks Collins/Karen Good Taylor)
I Found Someone (Michael Bolton/Mark Mangold)
I Wish We Could Be Alone (Laura Branigan)
If You Loved Me (Diane Warren/The Doctor)
I'm Not The Only One (D. Warren/The Doctor)
Living A Lie (Dick St. Nicholas/Sue Neal)
Lovin' You Baby (Adrian John Loverage/John Wonderling)
Lucky (S. Bi)
The Lucky One (Bruce Roberts)
Mama (G. Bigazzi/U. Tozzi - English Lyrics D. Warren)
Maybe I Love You (Trevor Veitch/Greg Mathieson/Alan Sorrenti)
Never In A Million Years (Van Stephenson/Dave Robbins/Bob Farrell)
Please Stay, Go Away (John Wonderling/Adrian John Loverage)
Satisfaction (B.Dietrich/G.Grabowski/E.Simons(Eng D.Warren/M.Spiro)
Self Control (Giancarlo Bigazzi/Raffaele Riefoli (Eng. S. Piccolo))
Show Me Heaven (J. Rifkin/E. Rackin/M. Mckee)
Silent Partners (Diane Warren/The Doctor)
Solitaire (M. Clemenceau - English Lyrics D. Warren)
Squeeze Box (P. Townshend)
Take Me (John Parker/Steve Kipner)
Ti Amo (Giancarlo Bigazzi/Unberto Tozzi (Eng. Diane Warren))
Will You Love Me Tomorrow (Gerry Goffin/Carole King)
With Every Beat Of My Heart (Bob Mitchell/Jamie Kaleth)
Songs: 35