Dr. Hook Song Lyrics

Baby Makes Her Blue Jeans Talk (D. Locorriere/S. Weedman/R. Haffkine)
Bad Eye Bill (H. Smith)
The Ballad Of Lucy Jordan (Shel Silverstein)
Better Love Next Time (S. Pippen/L. Keith/J. Slate)
Body Talking (H. Smith/D. Locorriere)
Carry Me Carrie (Shel Silverstein)
A Couple More Years (S. Silverstein/D. Locorriere)
The Cover Of The Rolling Stone (Shel Silverstein)
Crazy Rosie (H. Smith)
Do You Right Tonight (E. Stevens/E. Rabbitt)
Dooley Jones (H. Smith/W. Carter)
Everybody Loves Me (D. Locorriere/R. Elswit)
Everybody's Makin' It Big But Me (Shel Silverstein)
Fire In The Night (Carr/Henley)
Girls Can Get It (L. Pearl)
Hearts Like Yours And Mine (D. Locorriere)
Hold Me Like You Never Had Me (R. Byrne/T. Brasfield)
I Call That True Love (Shel Silverstein)
I Can't Touch The Sun (Shel Silverstein)
I Couldn't Believe (J. Lee)
I Don't Feel Much Like Smilin' (R. Sawyer/D. Locorriere)
I Don't Want To Be Alone Tonight (Shel Silverstein)
If Not You (D. Locorriere)
I'm A Lamb (R. Snyder)
In Over My Head (E. Stevens/E. Rabbitt/D. Tyler)
Judy (Shel Silverstein)
Jungle To The Zoo (Shel Silverstein)
Kiss It Away (Shel Silverstein)
Lady Sundown (Clark/Bettis)
Last Mornin' (Shel Silverstein)
Let The Loose End Drag (R. Sawyer)
Levitate (R. Haffkine/D. Locorriere/R. Sawyer/R. Elswitt/J. Garfat/B. Francis)
Life Ain't Easy (Ray Sawyer/Shel Silverstein)
A Little Bit More (B. Gosh)
Love Monster (Sam Weedman)
Loveline (E. Stevens/E. Rabbitt/D. Malloy)
Makin' It Natural (Shel Silverstein/Jeffrey Comanor)
Making Love And Music (H. Smith/D. Locorriere)
Mama I'll Sing One Song For You (Shel Silverstein)
Marie Laveux (Shel Silverstein/Baxter Taylor)
The Millionaire (D. Tracy)
More Like The Movies (Shel Silverstein)
Mountain Mary (R. Sawyer/S. Silverstein)
Oh Jesse (Sam Weedman)
Only Sixteen (Sam Cooke)
Penicillin Penny (Shel Silverstein)
Pity The Fool (S. Weedman)
The Queen Of The Silver Dollar (Shel Silverstein)
The Radio (S. Silverstein/D. Locorriere/Elswit)
Rings (Harvey/Reeves)
Songs: 70