Electric Light Orchestra Song Lyrics

21st Century Man (Jeff Lynne)
Across The Border (Jeff Lynne)
All Over The World (Jeff Lynne)
Another Heart Breaks (Jeff Lynne)
Big Wheels (Jeff Lynne)
Birmingham Blues (Jeff Lynne)
Calling America (Jeff Lynne)
Can't Get It Out Of My Head (Jeff Lynne)
Confusion (Jeff Lynne)
The Diary Of Horace Wimp (Jeff Lynne)
Don't Bring Me Down (Jeff Lynne)
Don't Walk Away (Jeff Lynne)
Endless Lies (Jeff Lynne)
Epilogue (Jeff Lynne)
Evil Woman (Jeff Lynne)
The Fall (Jeff Lynne)
From The End Of The World (Jeff Lynne)
Getting To The Point (Jeff Lynne)
Heaven Only Knows (Jeff Lynne)
Here Is The News (Jeff Lynne)
Hold On Tight (Jeff Lynne)
I'm Alive (Jeff Lynne)
Is It Alright (Jeff Lynne)
It's Over (Jeff Lynne)
Jungle (Jeff Lynne)
Last Train To London (Jeff Lynne)
The Lights Go Down (Jeff Lynne)
Livin' Thing (Jeff Lynne)
Ma-Ma-Ma Belle (Jeff Lynne)
Midnight Blue (Jeff Lynne)
Mr. Blue Sky (Jeff Lynne)
Need Her Love (Jeff Lynne)
Night In The City (Jeff Lynne)
On The Run (Jeff Lynne)
Out Of My Head (Jeff Lynne)
Prologue (Jeff Lynne)
Rain Is Falling (Jeff Lynne)
Rock 'n' Roll Is King (Jeff Lynne)
Rockaria! (Jeff Lynne)
Roll Over Beethoven (Chuck Berry)
Secret Lives (Jeff Lynne)
Send It (Jeff Lynne)
Shine A Little Love (Jeff Lynne)
Showdown (Jeff Lynne)
So Serious (Jeff Lynne)
Sorrow About To Fall (Jeff Lynne)
Standin' In The Rain (Jeff Lynne)
Starlight (Jeff Lynne)
Steppin' Out (Jeff Lynne)
Strange Magic (Jeff Lynne)
Songs: 63