Reba McEntire Song Lyrics

And Still (Liz Hengber/Tommy Lee James)
Everything That You Want (Randy Sharp/Jack Wesley Routh)
Fancy (Bobbie Gentry)
For Herself (Shawna Harrington-Burkhart/Liz Hengber/Reba McEntire)
For My Broken Heart (Liz Hengber/Keith Palmer)
The Greatest Man I Never Knew (Richard Leigh/Layng Martine, Jr.)
The Heart Is A Lonely Hunter (Mark D. Sanders/Kim Williams/Ed Hill)
I Won't Stand In Line (Randy Sharp/Steve Diamond)
Is There Life Out There (Susan Longacre/Rick Giles)
It's Your Call (Liz Hengber/Shawna Harrington-Burkhart/Bruce Burch)
Jolene (Dolly Parton)
Lighter Shade Of Blue (Troy Seals/Max D. Barnes/Skip Ewing)
One Promise Too Late (D. Loggins/L. Silver/D. Schlitz)
Read My Mind (Keith Thomas/Melissa Coleman/Todd Moore)
Rumor Has It (Bruce Burch/Vern Dant/Larry Shell)
Take It Back (Kristy Jackson)
Whoever's In New England (Kendal Franceschi/Quentin Powers)
Why Haven't I Heard From You (Sandy Knox/T. W. Hale)
Will He Ever Go Away (Will Robinson/Gerry House)
You Lie (Bobby Fischer/Charlie Black/Austin Roberts)
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