Chris Rea Song Lyrics

Ace Of Hearts (Chris Rea)
Candles (Chris Rea)
Daytona (Chris Rea)
Driving Home For Christmas (Chris Rea)
Fool (If You Think It's Over) (Chris Rea)
I Can Hear Your Heartbeat (Chris Rea)
I Just Wanna Be With You (Chris Rea)
If You Were Me (Chris Rea)
Josephine (Chris Rea)
Let's Dance (Chris Rea)
Looking For A Rainbow (Chris Rea)
On The Beach (Chris Rea)
The Road To Hell (Part I) (Chris Rea)
The Road To Hell (Part II) (Chris Rea)
Shamrock Diaries (Chris Rea)
Stainsby Girls (Chris Rea)
Steel River (Chris Rea)
Tell Me There's A Heaven (Chris Rea)
Texas (Chris Rea)
That's What They Always Say (Chris Rea)
Windy Town (Chris Rea)
Working On It (Chris Rea)
You Must Be Evil (Chris Rea)
Your Warm And Tender Love (Chris Rea)
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