Lyle Lovett Song Lyrics

Ain't It Somethin' (Lyle Lovett)
All My Love Is Gone (Lyle Lovett)
Baltimore (Lyle Lovett)
Black And Blue (Lyle Lovett)
Christmas Morning (Lyle Lovett)
Church (Lyle Lovett)
Creeps Like Me (Lyle Lovett)
Don't Touch My Hat (Lyle Lovett)
Family Reserve (Lyle Lovett)
Fat Babies (Lyle Lovett/Eric Taylor)
The Fat Girl (Lyle Lovett)
Fiona (Lyle Lovett)
Flyin' Shoes (Townes Van Zandt)
Flyswatter/Ice Water Blues (Lyle Lovett)
Funny How Time Slips Away (Willie Nelson)
The Girl In The Corner (Lyle Lovett)
Give Back My Heart (Lyle Lovett)
Good-Bye To Carolina (Lyle Lovett)
Hello Grandma (Lyle Lovett)
Her First Mistake (Lyle Lovett)
Highway Kind (Townes Van Zandt)
I Can't Love You Anymore (Lyle Lovett)
I Loved You Yesterday (Lyle Lovett)
I Think You Know What I Mean (Lyle Lovett)
If I Had A Boat (Lyle Lovett)
If I Needed You (Townes Van Zandt)
It Ought To Be Easier (Lyle Lovett)
I've Been To Memphis (Lyle Lovett)
I've Got The Blues (Lyle Lovett)
Just The Morning (Lyle Lovett)
L.A. County (Lyle Lovett)
La To The Left (Lyle Lovett)
Long Tall Texan (Lyle Lovett/Henry Strzelecki)
Lungs (Townes Van Zandt)
M-O-N-E-Y (Lyle Lovett)
Moon On My Shoulder (Lyle Lovett)
North Dakota (Lyle Lovett/Willis Alan Ramsey)
Old Friend (Lyle Lovett)
Penguins (Lyle Lovett)
Pontiac (Lyle Lovett)
Private Conversation (Lyle Lovett)
Promises (Lyle Lovett)
Record Lady (Lyle Lovett)
The Road To Ensenada (Lyle Lovett)
She Makes Me Feel Good (Lyle Lovett)
She's Already Made Up Her Mind (Lyle Lovett)
She's Hot To Go (Lyle Lovett)
She's Leaving Me Because She Really Wants To (Lyle Lovett)
She's No Lady (Lyle Lovett)
Simple Song (Lyle Lovett)
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