Men At Work Song Lyrics

Be Good Johnny (G. Ham/C. Hay)
Down By The Sea (C. Hay/R. Strykert/G. Ham/J. Speiser)
Down Under (C. Hay/R. Strykert)
Dr. Heckyll And Mr. Jive (C. Hay)
Hard Luck Story (C. Hay)
High Wire (C. Hay)
I Like To (R. Strykert)
It's A Mistake (C. Hay)
Man With Two Hearts (C. Hay)
Maria (C. Hay)
Overkill (C. Hay)
Snakes And Ladders (G. Ham)
Still Life (G. Ham)
Underground (C. Hay)
Upstairs In My House (C. Hay/R. Strykert)
Who Can It Be Now? (C. Hay)
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