Prince Song Lyrics

17 Days (Prince)
1999 (Prince)
200 Balloons (Prince)
3 Chains O' Gold (Prince)
4 The Tears In Your Eyes (Prince)
7 (Prince)
Adore (Prince)
All The Critics Love U In New York (Prince)
Alphabet St. (Prince)
America (Prince)
And God Created Woman (Prince)
Anna Stesia (Prince)
Annie Christian (Prince)
Another Lonely Christmas (Prince)
Anotherloverholenyohead (Prince)
Around the World in a Day (David Coleman/Nelson, John L./Prince)
Arrogance (Prince)
Automatic (Prince)
Baby (Prince)
Baby I'm A Star (Prince)
Bambi (Prince)
The Beautiful Ones (Prince)
Blue Light (Prince)
Christopher Tracy's Parade (John L. Nelson/Prince)
Computer Blue (Prince)
Condition of the Heart (Prince)
The Continental (Prince)
Controversy (Prince)
Crazy You (Prince)
Cream (Prince)
The Cross (Prince)
Daddy Pop (Prince)
Damn U (Prince)
Dance On (Prince)
Darling Nikki (Prince)
Delirious (Prince)
Diamonds And Pearls (Prince)
Dirty Mind (Prince)
D.M.S.R. (Prince)
Do It All Night (Prince)
Do Me, Baby (Prince)
Do U Lie? (Prince)
Dorothy Parker (Prince)
Elephants and Flowers (Prince)
Erotic City (Prince)
Escape (Prince)
Feel U Up (Prince)
The Flow (Prince)
For You (Prince)
Forever In My Life (Prince)
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