Savage Garden Song Lyrics

Affirmation (Hayes/Jones)
The Animal Song (Hayes/Jones)
The Best Thing (Hayes/Jones)
Break Me Shake Me (Hayes/Jones)
Carry On Dancing (Hayes/Jones)
Chained To You (Hayes/Jones)
Crash and Burn (Hayes/Jones)
Gunning Down Romance (Hayes/Jones)
Hold Me (Hayes/Jones)
I Don't Know You Anymore (Hayes/Jones)
I Knew I Loved You (Hayes/Jones)
I Want You (Hayes/Jones)
The Lover After Me (Hayes/Jones)
Promises (Hayes/Jones)
Santa Monica (Hayes/Jones)
Tears Of Pearls (Hayes/Jones)
Thousand Words (Hayes/Jones)
To The Moon And Back (Hayes/Jones)
Truly, Madly, Deeply (Hayes/Jones)
Two Beds And A Coffee Machine (Hayes/Jones)
Universe (Hayes/Jones)
Violet (Hayes/Jones)
You Can Still Be Free (Hayes/Jones)
Songs: 23