Fleetwood Mac Song Lyrics

Affairs Of The Heart (Stevie Nicks)
All Over Again (Christine McVie/Eddy Quintela)
Angel (Stevie Nicks)
As Long As You Follow (Christine McVie)
Beautiful Child (Stevie Nicks)
Behind The Mask (Christine McVie)
Big Love (Lindsey Buckingham)
Bleed To Love Her (Lindsey Buckingham)
Blow By Blow (Dave Mason/John Cesario/Mark Holden)
Blue Letter (Curtis/Curtis)
Book Of Love (Lindsey Buckingham/Richard Dashut)
Brown Eyes (Christine McVie)
Can't Go Back (Lindsey Buckingham)
Caroline (Lindsey Buckingham)
The Chain (L. Buckingham/M. Fleetwood/C. McVie/J. McVie/S. Nicks)
Crystal (Stevie Nicks)
Do You Know (Billy Burnette/Christine McVie)
Don't Let Me Down Again (Lindsey Buckingham)
Don't Stop (Christine McVie)
Dreamin' The Dream (Bekka Bramlett/Billy Burnette)
Dreams (Stevie Nicks)
Empire State (Lindsey Buckingham/Richard Dashut)
Everywhere (Christine McVie)
Eyes Of The World (Lindsey Buckingham)
Family Man (Lindsey Buckingham/Richard Dashut)
The Farmers Daughter (Brian Wilson)
Fireflies (Stevie Nicks)
Freedom (Stevie Nicks/Mike Campbell)
Go Your Own Way (Lindsey Buckingham)
Gold Dust Woman (Stevie Nicks)
Gypsy (Stevie Nicks)
Hard Feelings (Billy Burnette/Jeff Silbar)
Hold Me (Christine McVie/Robbie Patton)
Hollywood (Some Other Kind Of Town) (Christine McVie/Eddy Quintela)
Honey Hi (Christine McVie)
I Do (Christine McVie/Eddy Quintela)
I Don't Want To Know (Stevie Nicks)
I Got It In For You (Billy Burnette/Deborah Allen)
I Know I'm Not Wrong (Lindsey Buckingham)
I Wonder Why (Dave Mason/Franke Previte/Tom Fuller)
I'm So Afraid (Lindsey Buckingham)
In The Back Of My Mind (Billy Burnette/David Malloy)
Isn't It Midnight (Music: C. McVie/E. Quintela/L. Buckingham Lyrics: C. McVie)
Landslide (Stevie Nicks)
The Ledge (Lindsey Buckingham)
Little Lies (Christine McVie/Eddy Quintela)
Love In Store (Christine McVie/Jim Recor)
Love Is Dangerous (Rick Vito/Stevie Nicks)
Monday Morning (Lindsey Buckingham)
My Little Demon (Lindsey Buckingham)
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