Dr. Hook Song Lyrics

Roland The Roadie And Gertrude The Groupie (Shel Silverstein)
Sexy Energy (G. Bowen)
Sexy Eyes (R. Mather/K. Stegall/C. Waters)
Sharing The Night Together (A. Aldridge/E. Struzick)
Sing Me A Rainbow (Shel Silverstein)
Sleeping Late (D. Morrison/S. Morrison)
S.O.S. For Love (D. Malloy/E. Stevens)
Sweetest Of All (Shel Silverstein)
Sylvia's Mother (Shel Silverstein)
That Didn't Hurt Too Bad (R. Byrne/T. Brasfield)
The Things I Didn't Say (Shel Silverstein)
Turn On The World (Shel Silverstein)
Up On The Mountain (J. Comanor/S. Silverstein)
Walk Right In (Cannon/Woods)
When She Cries (Shel Silverstein)
When You're In Love With A Beautiful Woman (Even Stevens)
Who Dat (R. Sawyer/R. Haffkine)
The Wonderful Soup Stone (Shel Silverstein)
Years From Now (R. Cook/C. Cochran)
You Make My Pants Want To Get Up And Dance (S. Weedman)
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