Eagles Song Lyrics

New Kid In Town (J. D. Souther/Don Henley/Glenn Frey)
New York Minute (Don Henley/Danny Kortchmar/Jai Winding)
Nightingale (Jackson Browne)
No More Cloudy Days (Glenn Frey)
No More Walks In The Wood (Don Henley/Steuart Smith/John Hollander)
Ol' `55 (Tom Waits)
On The Border (Don Henley/B. Leadon/Glenn Frey)
One Of These Nights (Don Henley/Glenn Frey)
Out Of Control (Don Henley/Glenn Frey/T. Nexon)
Outlaw Man (D. Blue)
Peaceful, Easy Feeling (Jack Tempchin)
Pretty Maids All In A Row (Joe Walsh/Joe Vitale)
The Sad Caf (Don Henley/Glenn Frey/Joe Walsh/J. D. Souther)
Saturday Night (Randy Meisner/Don Henley/Glenn Frey/B. Leadon)
Seven Bridges Road (Steve Young)
Somebody (Jack Tempchin/John Brannen)
Take It Easy (Jackson Browne/Glenn Frey)
Take It To The Limit (Randy Meisner/Don Henley/Glenn Frey)
Take The Devil (Randy Meisner)
Teenage Jail (Don Henley/Glenn Frey/J. D. Souther)
Tequila Sunrise (Don Henley/Glenn Frey)
Those Shoes (Don Felder/Don Henley/Glenn Frey)
Too Many Hands (Randy Meisner/Don Felder)
Train Leaves Here This Morning (G. Clark/B. Leadon)
Try And Love Again (Randy Meisner)
Tryin' (Randy Meisner)
Twenty-One (B. Leadon)
Victim Of Love (Don Felder/J. D. Souther/Don Henley/Glenn Frey)
Visions (Don Felder/Don Henley)
Waiting In The Weeds (Don Henley/Steuart Smith)
Wasted Time (Don Henley/Glenn Frey)
What Do I Do With My Heart (Glenn Frey/Don Henley)
Witchy Woman (Don Henley/B. Leadon)
You Are Not Alone (Glenn Frey)
You Never Cry Like A Lover (J. D. Souther/Don Henley)
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