Fleetwood Mac Song Lyrics

Mystified (Lindsey Buckingham/Christine McVie)
Never Forget (Christine McVie)
Never Going Back Again (Lindsey Buckingham)
Never Make Me Cry (Christine McVie)
Nights In Estoril (Christine McVie/Eddy Quintela)
No Questions Asked (Stevie Nicks)
Not That Funny (Lindsey Buckingham)
Nothing Without You (Delaney Bramlett/Doug Gilmore/Bekka Bramlett)
Oh Daddy (Christine McVie)
Oh Diane (Lindsey Buckingham/Richard Dashut)
Oh Well (Peter Green)
One More Night (Christine McVie)
Only Over You (Christine McVie)
Over My Head (Christine McVie)
Over & Over (Christine McVie)
Rhiannon (Stevie Nicks)
Sara (Stevie Nicks)
Save Me (Christine McVie/Eddy Quintela)
Save Me A Place (Lindsey Buckingham)
Say You Love Me (Christine McVie)
Second Hand News (Lindsey Buckingham)
The Second Time (Stevie Nicks/Rick Vito)
Seven Wonders (Sandy Stewart/Additional Lyrics: Stevie Nicks)
Silver Springs (Stevie Nicks)
Sisters Of The Moon (Stevie Nicks)
Skies The Limit (Christine McVie/Eddy Quintela)
Songbird (Christine McVie)
Sooner Or Later (Christine McVie/Eddy Quintela)
Stand On The Rock (Rick Vito)
Storms (Stevie Nicks)
Straight Back (Stevie Nicks)
Sugar Daddy (Christine McVie)
Sweet Girl (Stevie Nicks)
Talkin' To My Heart (Billy Burnette/Deborah Allen/Rafe VanHoy)
Tango In The Night (Lindsey Buckingham)
That's All For Everyone (Lindsey Buckingham)
That's Alright (Stevie Nicks)
That's Enough For Me (Lindsey Buckingham)
These Strange Times (Mick Fleetwood/Ray Kennedy)
Think About Me (Christine McVie)
Tusk (Lindsey Buckingham)
Walk A Thin Line (Lindsey Buckingham)
Warm Ways (Christine McVie)
Welcome To The Room...Sara (Stevie Nicks)
What Makes You Think You're The One (Lindsey Buckingham)
When I See You Again (Stevie Nicks)
When It Comes To Love (Billy Burnette/Dennis Morgan/Simon Climie)
When The Sun Goes Down (Rick Vito/Billy Burnette)
Winds Of Change (Kit Hain)
Wish You Were Here (Music: Christine McVie/Lyrics: Colin Allen)
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