Leonard Cohen Song Lyrics

Master Song (Leonard Cohen)
Memories (Leonard Cohen)
Night Comes On (Leonard Cohen)
The Old Revolution (Leonard Cohen)
One Of Us Cannot Be Wrong (Leonard Cohen)
Our Lady of Solitude (Leonard Cohen)
Paper Thin Hotel (Leonard Cohen)
The Partisan (Anna Marly/Hy Zaret)
Seems So Long Ago, Nancy (Leonard Cohen)
Sing Another Song, Boys (Leonard Cohen)
Sisters Of Mercy (Leonard Cohen)
The Smokey Life (Leonard Cohen)
So Long, Marianne (Leonard Cohen)
Stories of the Street (Leonard Cohen)
Story of Isaac (Leonard Cohen)
Stranger Song (Leonard Cohen)
Suzanne (Leonard Cohen)
Take This Longing (Leonard Cohen)
Take This Waltz (Leonard Cohen)
Teachers (Leonard Cohen)
There is a War (Leonard Cohen)
Tonight Will Be Fine (Leonard Cohen)
Tower of Song (Leonard Cohen)
The Traitor (Leonard Cohen)
True Love Leaves No Traces (Leonard Cohen)
Un Canadien Errant (The Lost Canadian) (Antoine Gerin-Lajoie)
Waiting For The Miracle (Leonard Cohen)
Who By Fire (Leonard Cohen)
Why Don't You Try (Leonard Cohen)
The Window (Leonard Cohen)
Winter Lady (Leonard Cohen)
You Know Who I Am (Leonard Cohen)
Songs: 82